Teacher – Student Relationship in Remote Learning

Teacher – student relationship holds the key to successful learning and teaching in the classroom. As schools are moving forward with remote learning in this new school year, positive relationship forms the heart as the mindframes of remote learning (Fisher et al., 2020)  

Relationship building is an ongoing practice and is sharpened by experience and context. Fisher et al. (2002) suggested some of the approaches to guide educators to the door of students.       

Teacher empathy— understanding 

Teacher should make themselves available by establishing office hours to offer students’ academic support and families for connection building. Teacher should also create lessons with positive feedback and affirmation.  

Unconditional positive regard—warmth 

Teachers should provide opportunity for students to share and opportunity to teachers to learn about students through surveys and talking circles. Teachers should use voice feedback and not just limited to writing text.  

Genuineness—the teacher’s self-awareness 

Teachers are aware of their presentation and should maintain their professionalism when they meet students through online meeting.  

Nondirectivity—student-initiated and student-regulated activities 

Teachers should build personal connection with students through induvial conversation and help them identify their strengths and set up goals. Teachers should share decision-making process with students about curriculum and invite student feedback to   

Encouragement of critical thinking as opposed to traditional memory emphasis 

Teachers should integrate peer discussion during online lessons using open ended questions and give students opportunity to share their thinking with others.  

In many schools, pandemic has shifted from face to face teaching to a remote learning model this year. Teacher and students are relying on technology to stay connected and build relationship. Teacher should always reflect on “how can I let the students know I care about them and I am here for them”. 

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