4.6.a Securely Collecting and Analyzing Student Data.

4.6.a Assist educators and leaders in securely collecting and analyzing student data.

Working with multilingual students in the Dual Language program for ten years has deepened my understanding of how students’ cultural heritage, socioeconomic status, and family language background connect to their language learning in the Dual Language program. These factors play a significant role in their language proficiency development in the target language. While teachers in our team try to understand the correlation between second language development with other factors, we must learn to collect and survey students’ data to deepen our understanding. The following information page is the primary summative assessment we use as a benchmark for our Dual Language students. I partner with teachers to collect data from students’ profile information, including the number of years the student speaks the target language and if any member in the family speaks the target language. This information helps teachers and program leaders understand factors contributing to second language acquisition. All this information is kept confidential for Dual Language teachers and leaders to use as program evaluation only.