4.3.c Evaluate the Efficacy of Digital Learning Content and Tools

4.3.c Partner with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning content and tools to inform procurement decisions and adoption.

Partnering with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning tools has been a significant part of my role as a Dual Language Immersion Team lead this year. My community project in the winter quarter demonstrated my learning and experience in this standard.
In my school district, the Middle School Dual Language Immersion Program began piloting a program to support Dual Language Immersion students’ literacy development in December of 2021. This program has adopted a digital literacy learning platform to improve student’s literacy skills in the target language. In February 2022, I surveyed middle school Dual Language students and Dual Language teachers as the quarterly review for this learning tool. The purpose of the survey was to determine attitudes toward this digital literacy learning tool in the dual language program, identify key successes and challenges of the program thus far, and gather input on what teacher professional development is needed. Results will be used to inform how the program should be implemented and integrated with the dual language literacy classes for the rest of the year and the decision to continue or not next year. I facilitated a roundtable discussion by using Microsoft Teams meeting as a method to get feedback from teachers.
I used the following questions to guide the teachers’ Roundtable Discussion:
How often do you use this learning tool in your literacy/content teaching?
How do you use this learning tool in your literacy/content teaching?
What successes are your/your students’ experiences using this platform?
What are the challenges in your/your students’ experience using this platform?
What support do you need to utilize this platform in your literacy teaching/students’ literacy development?

As a result, all teacher respondents shared positive experiences using this learning tool. Teacher respondents also reported the challenge of the technology component in this platform and the need for professional development in integrating this learning tool into their class instruction. According to the teachers’ feedback, the decision for the following year’s continuation will be discussed after follow-up professional development with vendor and district technology support in May.