4.2.b Professional Learning Networks

4.2.b Actively participate in professional learning networks to enhance coaching practice and keep current with emerging technology and innovations in pedagogy and the learning sciences.

I have been an active member of several local and national professional learning networks, including the WA Bilingual Education Association and other language learning networks. I engaged in learning and reflection through in-person and virtual conferences, and I also shared my learning experiences with other educators in these networks. I am always passionate about emerging technology and innovation in teaching. One sample is Community Project – Breakout Rooms in Remote Learning Classrooms. I participated in the UW 2021 Heritage Language Symposium hosted by the STARTALK program from the University of Washington as one of the panel speakers. My presentation focused on using and evaluating Microsoft Teams to create small groups for differentiation in a class to meet the needs of heritage language learners and second language learners. In this presentation, I shared grouping strategies and samples of a breakout session that works for educators to make adoption in their practices.  

I also actively use social media to enhance my professional learning. Social media has become ubiquitous. Educators have been using social media in their personal lives and professional teaching. In my post, Social Media in Teaching and Learning, I shared my research on using social media as an effective educational tool for educators. Educators can use social media to enhance educators’ network of contacts, engage students in important discussions, extend educators’ learning and even provide a platform for students learning. At the same time, I also addressed issues including privacy, appropriate content, and security as part of the consideration for using social media as educational tools for educators.