4.1.d Recognize Educators with Effective Technology Use

1d. Recognize educators across the organization who use technology effectively to enable high-impact teaching and learning. 

A digital portfolio is a collection of digital works. They can be essays, posters, images, videos, and artwork. Students can use digital portfolios to put together portfolios for capstone or research projects. Teachers can use a digital portfolio to create a professional portfolio or gather items around areas they would like to explore or demonstrate their expertise. For this standard, I would like to refer to my post from May 2021, Digital Portfolio for Educators.  

This post addresses educators seeking opportunities for leadership to support student empowerment and success and improve teaching and learning by creating a digital portfolio. Digital portfolio creation resulted in increased teacher learning about technology, a reexamination of their pedagogy, better comprehension of their students’ learning, reflective processes and assessment, and reciprocal learning between teachers and students. We can use digital portfolios to highlight and recognize educators across the organization who use technology to enable high-impact teaching and learning by assessing student learning and self-reflection to demonstrate and improve teaching practices.